Sourcing Plain / Blank T-Shirts India

Anyone who is starting out a private label or promotional brand needs to look out for perfect sourcing / manufacturing partner before anything else. There lies the entire brand’s strength. I suggest the below points to check it out.

Sourcing Plain T Shirts in bulk for various purposes may be a daunting task in India. There aren’t many Brands providing Quality T-Shirts in bulk at affordable Prices. This piece of writeup is about the various forms of Plain T Shirts supplied by Tee Talkies. Read below if you are looking for plain T Shirts for any purpose.

1. Tee Talkies Branded Plain T-Shirts

You can buy even one piece or 1000 Pieces at once. We always have about 9 Colours in stock. It will be “Tee Talkies” Branded in Neck Side with a wash care label in the inner sides. 180 GSM Super Combed 100% Cotton is the quality of the the single jersey fabric used in the manufacturing of the garment. It is double stitched in the Neck, Arm Hole and Shoulder areas. Plain T-Shirts are not just available in Round Neck Style, You can buy Plain T Shirts in Round Neck, V Neck, V Neck Full Sleeve, Raglan, Raglan Full Sleeve, Henley, Henley Full Sleeve, Raglan Henley, Raglan Henley Full Sleeve, Polo T Shirt Styles. We do same day dispatch on most of the styles and colours in stock.

2. Blank T Shirts Without Any Brand Labels

Plain Tees can also be ordered without any labels in the Round Neck Style. We have around 6 colours in stock and orders can be dispatched on the same day. T Shirts have size label in the Neck and wash care in the inner sides, none of them have any brand mentions. If you are a printer/decorator or need blanks for re sale, this will be the ideal way for getting your blanks. You can order from single Piece, we do same day dispatch via Bluedart or First Flight Courier.

3. Custom Branded Plain T Shirts

We supply to E-Commerce brands and retail chain stores as a value pack of Plain T Shirts. Your own Branded “Pack of 3 Plain V Neck T Shirts for Rs.499”. How does this sound for a sale in your store/website? Awesome isn’t it? You can get it done with value packs by choosing your own fabric, own t shirt style, fitting, brand mentions in cover, Hang Tags, Neck Labels, Bar Codes etc. We supply from minimum of 100 Pieces and delivery in a week across India. You can make us deliver to various store locations as well.

Tee Talkies, a customized T Shirt manufacturing and printing company offers Plain T shirt for Retail and Bulk in various styles. We also do printed wholesale T-Shirts for retail shops with more than 50 designs and adding every month. You can also get custom printed T Shirts for your College Fests, Corporate Events, Teams, Uniforms and other Needs. We would like remain a trusted Brand for all your T-shirt Supplies. We wish you have a great Business!

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Anyone who is starting out a private label or promotional brand needs to ...

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