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Screen Printing by Standards

Tee Talkies started screen printing apparels from 2010. Over the years we have grown as a team with expertise in enjoying the art of screen printing. Doing screen printing is not a work, but that’s the happiest part for us. Equipped with best in the industry machines and high-quality plastisol inks, we print no less than the best which can be worn till fabric is torn. More than anything, we believe in the systems and process put in place to handle many small productions hassle free. We bet you will enjoy working with us.

Our Process of Screen Printing:


You give us the designs and order details either by designing from our design tool or submitting the order form. You will receive a confirmation email or a call asking for missing part of information.


Our design team analysis each design file of the order, separates colours and creates a separate screen for each colour. We do minor design corrections and enhancements for the print to look great on the apparel and the design gets your approval before sending to the production team.


The production process starts from inking the screen with appropriately approved colour shades and the screens are lined up for printing. The T-Shirts are printed with the screens with accurately flash curing them between colours. Thus it gives a long life of vibrant prints without colour bleeding.


The printed and cured shirts are sent for heat fusing with a high-temperature setting. This ensures the print merges well with the fabric and gives a soft hand feel. The print treated well will not crack or peel off.


The T-shirts moves on to the inspection team. They are our guardian angels, the protect our brand name with rigorous checking and reprinting for any small mistakes. Counted and pasted on packing slip, ready for dispatch.


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Screen Printing FAQ

To understand the screen printing process better and how to make use of it maximum, we have put together some of the frequently asked questions.

How is Screen Printing better?

For bulk T-Shirts with a limited number of colors in the print design, screen printing is always the best with respect to price and quality.

What inks do you use?

We are using premium quality plastisol inks. We prefer plastisol for screenprinting on T-Shirts because they are durable and merges with fabric with proper curing and lasts so forever.

What other types of inks for you use?

We can use water-based pigment inks on light garments and discharge inks for feel-less prints on dark garments. However, you need to send your designs and confirm the type of inks suitable for the design and fabric color combination.

How to maintain quality on a shirt?

Our plastisol printed apparel can be tested with regular use unless it’s been exposed to extreme temperatures like Ironing the prints will look great as new over regular use and washes.

Do you only print T-Shirts?

We print T-shirts in various styles and other products as well. We print Mens, Womens, Kids T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Jerseys, All over Prints, Tote Bags, Mugs, Polo Shirts and more.

How to keep cost low?

Cost increases with more number of colors in the design. Lowest cost screen printed T-Shirt will have single color design. So, you can keep the number of colours in the print design low to keep the cost lower.