Key Elements For T-Shirt Manufacturing

Best T-Shirt Manufacturer

Your custom t-shirts are just a click away

Best T-Shirt Manufacturer

Your custom t-shirts are just a click away

Key Elements For T-Shirt Manufacturing

You may be a T-Shirt Brand Owner, Merchandise Company for Top Brands, Corporate or an Institutional Person who are looking for manufacture and print t-shirts in various styles and quantities. You should read the following to know about TeeTalkies.

1. Complete Solution

Requirement about making a t-shirt differs from person to person. We understand the needs clearly than anybody else to work upon best possible options. You may need to manufacture t-shirts with your logo and ship them to 100 locations across the world. You may need to manufacture 500 t-shirts in 5 styles V-Neck/Raglan/Full Sleeves/Henley/Polos with separate Tags, Custom Packaging and BarCodes. We do them all in quickest and cost effective way.

2. Fabric Quality

For T-Shirt Brands and Merchandise Houses, we offer wide range of ready to cut fabric options. Even after an year of last production, same style can be redone with same fabric quality and colour shade. Our fabrics are our best part of production with which we spend lot of time and care. They will show excellent colour fastness and shrinkage arrest. Whether you are ordering t-shirts for brand promotions, your own t-shirt brand or uniform, we assure you will wear the tee yourself for the comfort of fabric and fit for long time.

3. Printing/Embroidery

How many of you have adjusted with bad prints after purchase? With TeeTalkies you can return it or get it made again. We much comfortable with Plastisol Printing, Non PVC Types, Pigment, Discharge and various special effect Printing on T-Shirts. Also logo embroideryYou may need a 7 Colour A3 size print on 25 Tees with 2 days. You may need 500 Pieces with 10 designs within a week time. You may need single colour print on 10 tshirts for Rs.300 each with free delivery to 10 different addresses in India. You may need a water based eco friendly print for your new brand of T-Shirts with your brand tags and custom packaging. We do all that and much more.

4. Accessories

We start accessories list with the thread we use for stitching. They will match exactly as the fabric shade. You can have Brand Printed Buttons for an unique appeal. Yoke label with your brand name with wash care instructions or a separate wash care label. They are not a mere size labels anymore, it carries a lot of brand value when someone opens a t-shirt pack. Accessories can be extended to a uniquely designed Hang Tag, Pins, Tissues or foam packing and more. You can customize your t-shirt accessories for all bulk requirements.

5. Packaging

Packing is a part not seriously taken by Indian Brands. Customized packing has lot of Brand Value and unique Appeal. TShirt packaging shows so much space for that. You can go with a combination of printed polybags, printed courier bags, unique tags, uniquely printed perforated ironing boards, printed butter papers and much more. When we send bulk goods to you, we use properly taped 7-ply carton boxes covered with white sack. We also do discrete packing as per needs. We can do all these and send brand packed tees to you/your customers. We have done unique boxes for high end niche brands for tshirt packing which makes customer feel awesome when they receive it.

6. Support

Email us at [email protected] or to [email protected] You may want to know in detail about various forms of printing for a t-shirt brand you are planning and have no immediate plans of production.


What to do when you need 100 printed tees tomorrow, just call us. We will print it and send by air, you can receive it from your nearest airport. Unfortunately India is nation where the courier companies cannot deliver their best consistently because of limited infrastructure facilities and non uniformity in loads. We understand them well to serve our customer the best suited options. We generally use Bluedart and First flight Couriers. Upon situation, we use Railways, Direct Flight, Surface Mode, India Post etc. We also do individual deliveries for your clients/customers on occasional/regular basis.

Get in touch with us for a better experience of T-Shirt Manufacturing. We will never let you down.

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