Custom Printed Canvas Tote Bags

Tote Bags are becoming a style statement than an environment option for carrying things. TeeTalkies manufactures, stocks and prints variety of styles of ToteBags at amazing prices. Read more to know more,

custom tote bag teetalkies

Why Canvas Bags?

Tote Bag will the most useful gift you can give to your customer or to your employee. It’s more convenient to carry anything around with the pride of your brand logo and environment friendliness. It is super cost effective with loads of customization possible. The canvas bags can be done in a various style like Totes, laptop bags, backpack, grocery bag, duffle bag, lunch bag, laundry bag etc.


A simple Tote Bag can be done by joining two flaps of fabric. There can be 4 flap bags, with an inner compartment and a custom colored handle and a logo. There are zipper tote bags in various colors.We can make a customized shape and size as per the requirement from as low as 100 bags. We print tote bags without any MOQ.


Tote Bags are basically inexpensive! Totes can be made from 15-20 Rs for various purposes, but a decent quality with a brand logo can be made from Rs.49. Upwards, we can choose to do various tote bags at carious price points.

Why Totes With TeeTalkies?

TeeTalkies procures woven canvas fabrics directly from handloom and power loom weavers. All the styles are made in-house with your brand printing. High-quality fabric, stitching, bright brand logos are our promise.

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