Your Order Will Arrive On Time

One of the principle parts of our plan of action rotates around incorporating our clients in however much of the procedure as could reasonably be expected. Beside offering all out control over the plan and generation of their items, we likewise give our clients email correspondence at all times. You will get a work of art verification before creation, favor your evidence, we will begin generation, and send following numbers with your ensured conveyance date.

All File Types Are Accepted

Regardless of what arrange your outline gets to us in, we’ll have the capacity to work with them. While our outline studio is exceptionally hearty and acknowledges many organizations, for example, .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PDF, the product may need to utilize a placeholder picture for positions that can’t be converted into a picture. Record arrangements, for example, .AI, .EPS, .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, and .PSD are given placeholders.

Despite the fact that it is just demonstrating a place-holder for your picture, rest guaranteed that it has been effectively transferred! You should simply measure it to your loving, focus it as well as can be expected, pick your favored ink hues, and look at on the web. From that point onward, it’s as basic as permitting our plan group to deal with the rest – simply audit your outline proofs once they are prepared, and we’ll continue with your custom tees creation.


Pixelation is each originator’s most exceedingly terrible dread. Setting aside the opportunity to make what you feel is an artful culmination, just to have it look square shaped, rough, and messy, is an awful ordeal. Be that as it may, fear not! Our top pick configuration group will be upbeat to tidy up your pixelation issues by expanding the extent of your picture and redrawing your frameworks with the goal that your outline prints consummately. We can even change the shade of your logo or include a diagram. Just let us comprehend what you’re searching for and we’ll deal with the rest.

Arrangement and Centering

After you submit your request, we deal with all the strategic parts of creation. We twofold watch that your plan is set consummately on your attire, and that the arrangement, focusing, and separation from the neck area is right (so no compelling reason to stress on the off chance that you are a little off kilter or excessively low). We’ll revise any minor issues that we find and send you the last form before we proceed onward to printing.

Expelling Background Colors On Your Uploaded Images

While transferring your own particular plan to Rush Order Tees outline studio, here and there a case will show up behind your craftsmanship. Sometimes, it is totally unique in relation to the shirt shading. Not to stress – This is a simple fix! Subsequent to putting in your request, our planners will expel that foundation and demonstrate to you a completed outline design without that additional tinge.

Shading Changes

Any bit of craftsmanship can be totally altered, so changing the hues in your picture is a breeze! For instance, we took this multi-shaded picture with a white foundation and changed the look altogether by changing over it to only four fluorescent hues. Simply let us realize what hues you require and our fashioners will gladly oblige.

Changing Your Uploaded Design

In the event that you have to roll out improvements to your transferred outline, we can offer assistance! When you’re prepared to look at, essentially leave us a note specifying the progressions you’d get a kick out of the chance to see, and we’ll make the amendments when your request is put. You’ll have the capacity to survey the completed format when we send you the last outline proofs for your endorsement.

Changing Print Size On Orders With Youth And Adult Apparel

In the event that you are requesting both youth and grown-up attire, don’t stress! We generally ensure that your print will fit on the greater part of the attire in your request, regardless of the possibility that that implies making two distinctive print sizes for you.

Ink Color Contrast

We prescribe giving careful consideration to the differentiation between the shirt shading and ink hues you select so as to ensure you will be happy with the last outcomes. For instance, in the event that you think white ink looks awesome on a timberland green shirt, put it all on the line. Or, then again in the event that you think red ink looks extraordinary on a dark shirt, no issue. Everybody has remarkable tastes, however in the event that we feel that you have picked an ink shading that won’t be unmistakable on your shirts – we’ll have your back! Should this happen, we will advise you of our worries by telephone or email. On the off chance that you might want our proposals previously putting in your request.

Changing over Full Color Images To One Color (Black And White)

We get a lot of requests from clients hoping to print full shading pictures on a financial plan. While it’s not generally the most reasonable process, we offer a lot of other options to enable your arrangement to happen as expected. For example, in case you’re arranging a birthday party on a financial plan and need some dedicatory shirts for the event, our planners can take your picture, change over it to high contrast, and afterward print it on whatever shading clothing you’d like, along these lines cutting general expenses. With regards to workmanship, the sky is the limit! Essentially let us recognize what you’re searching for and we’ll roll out any improvements you require.

Streamlining Your Image

Streamlining the hues in a screen printed configuration is the most ideal approach to diminish the cost of a request. For instance, we took this Christmas tree, lights and all, and improved it to incorporate only 3 hues – Black, red and green. We need you to dependably feel sure that any shading change is conceivable, regardless of how muddled the plan may be. Best of all, amendments are incorporated with each request, for nothing out of pocket.

Blurs, Gradients, And Halftones

Truly, we can do it! We have aced the craft of making plans that incorporate slope hues and halftones. We generally prescribe you look at our screen printing screen printing tests.

Full Color Photographs On White Apparel – CMYK Process

We print full shading photos and work of art each and every day. Also called CMYK, it is normal at Rush Order Tees. Magazines regularly print full shading pictures on white paper utilizing little dabs of shading, and we duplicate full shading pictures utilizing a similar technique. We mix only four ink hues to make a great many one of a kind shading blends to fulfill any visual palette!

Full Color Photographs On Dark Apparel – Simulated Process

This is viewed as the last boondocks in screen printing, and we’ve figured out how to influence it to look simple! Due to the additional arranging and materials expected to print full shading pictures on dull hued things, Simulated Process printing is viewed as significantly more troublesome than CMYK printing. Be that as it may, we have aced the craftsmanship, and are fit for printing plans that could some way or another require upwards of 18 hues.

Other Printing Locations
We can print on any area on your pieces of clothing, including sleeves, workout pants legs, sweatshirt hoods and pockets, and even within your attire.

Email, Fax Or Explain Your Design By Phone

With regards to fine art, everybody has their own particular correspondence inclination. Numerous clients utilize email. In any case, you can likewise fax us the plan or just call us to tell us what sort of fine art you require. We will help you in finishing your request in any capacity we can, even it if implies reproducing a high contrast fax to influence it to full shading. We are glad to help with any demand by telephone, email, or fax! Call us for help whenever.

Make Your T-Shirt Design From Scratch In Our Design Studio

Our plan studio is accessible every minute of every day so you can outline your custom tees whenever, anyplace. Include custom content, transfer your own particular pictures, or include cut craftsmanship from our index of 70,000 astonishing and totally adjustable plan formats. You can likewise mix it up of impacts, or do things like make custom group shirts for your class by utilizing our Names and Numbers include. When you are done, you can without much of a stretch tweak your conveyance date upon checkout to guarantee a straightforward affair. With our ensured conveyance dates (counting email affirmation and delivery number), you can assume that your shirts will touch base on time, without fail.