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India’s T-Shirt market Size is estimated to be at Rs 10,000 Crore. More than 85% of this category is dominated by menswear but women’s T-Shirt market is fast catching up and fast growing. The purchase pattern shift is more towards online than offline, because of the wide range of design offerings which is not possible […]

You may be a T-Shirt Brand Owner, Merchandise Company for Top Brands, Corporate or an Institutional Person who are looking for manufacture and print t-shirts in various styles and quantities. You should read the following to know about TeeTalkies. Why does TeeTalkies Exists? -> To make T-Shirt manufacturing and printing easier for small quantities with […]

Are you looking for a manufacturing partner for your T-Shirt Brand? Tee Talkies can do the best for you with a variety of options in sync with you budget constraints. We can suggest you on design aspects to be a unique apparel, you can choose among the following options, More than 10 FABRIC Options 15+ […]

Sourcing Plain T Shirts in bulk for various purposes may be a daunting task in India. There aren’t many Brands providing Quality T-Shirts in bulk at affordable Prices. This piece of writeup is about the various forms of Plain T Shirts supplied by Tee Talkies. Read below if you are looking for plain T Shirts […]

The knitwear industry clusters in India in one of the largest in the world next to China. There are various dominating factors affecting cost effective quality apparel production in India like dyeing imbroglio, steep rise in yarn prices, Rupee Depreciation and labour issues. But the never say die attitude and the consistent quality production earns […]

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